Our Values

Our Six Capital Values


  • Eliminates P lost into rivers
  • No Ferric discharges
  • Ammonia entirely removed
  • Extremely high effluent quality
  • BOD and SS significantly reduced
  • P is recovered and effectively reused
  • Low Carbon footprint
  • Captures CO2

Social and Relationship

  • A natural treatment process to replace the environmentally harmful chemicals used.
  • Eliminates road tanker deliveries of chemicals
  • Less sludge tanker movements
  • Customer perception


  • Safe – no chemicals, no chemical deliveries, no chemical suits, no safety showers, no spills, no contamination of the environment.
  • Similar in operation to an activated sludge plant, so operator skills are transferable


  • Future proof
  • Emerging contaminant removal
  • Tightening P consents in AMP8 and beyond
  • Can eliminate the need for multiple works in a catchment basin


  • Bio-P removal achievable on small rural works
  • Totally unique, using algae as the biological process to remove P.
  • This is a game-changer


  • Significant Totex savings
  • Performance is far superior to current technology for the same cost
  • Opex offers significant savings
  • 20 year asset life
  • Cost effective upgrades in the future to take additional P loads or flow.
  • Future cost of Ferric?