We are delighted to report that the demonstrator has produced its first results, even though we are still in the commissioning phase and still focused on the hardware and software of the plant.  So far the algae have grown to about 10% of the target algae density, and even at this low concentration we have already reduced phosphorus from from 2.5 mg/l in the influent, to 1 mg/l at the effluent, ie I-Phyc process removed 60% of the phosphorus, while only at 10% algal concentration. In addition to this we have also taken some wastewater back to the lab, and at the target algae concentration:-

  • we have reduced PO4-P from 3.53 mg/l  to 0.095 mg/l (target is less than 0.2mg/l).
  • the algae have reduced the nitrate concentration from 11.7 mg/l to 0.36 (which is a 97% reduction).
  • It removes a variety of pharmaceutical contaminants. From high blood pressure medicine, antibiotics to anti-depressants, microalgae are very efficient at removing active pharmaceutical ingredients (API). Many of these compounds are removed completely.

This is a fantastic start and we look forward to sharing more results once the plant is fully commissioned and the algal concentration is up to full strength.