I-Phyc are collaborating with world-leading experts in Computational Fluid Dynamics to optimise the use of algae to remove Phosphorous, Ammonia and other contaminants from tertiary sewage wastewater

The aim of this project is to apply advanced flow modelling and real time data acquisition to I-Phyc’s current industrial process to reduce its footprint, enhance its robustness and reduce energy consumption.

This complex challenge involves Industrial Phycology working closely with the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) and TÜV SÜD National Engineering Laboratory. (NEL) to carry out advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics and measurements of I-Phyc’s advanced algal wastewater treatment process. This will enable I-Phyc to further identify the optimal combination of mixing and light as well as linking these variables to the requirements of the biology within the system. This will go on to achieve maximum performance from its process, while reducing energy use, and opening more small rural wastewater treatment work sites where the I-Phyc technology can be deployed.